Time Travel True Stories

Time Travel True Stories

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A lot of people believe in time travel, some of them even think it's real. The first step to understanding how it works is to understand the science that has been going on for years.
One of the key questions, is time travel possible? most would say physically impossible, however there are cases of time slips and experiments conducted by individual academics and even some government backed projects and people who have slipped back into various time zones and other dimensions.

Some theories claim that people who experience what they believe is a time slip could be some form of a three-dimensional hologram caused by environmental factors, for example, geological faults, high quartz content or atmospheric conditions. One explanation is a credible but controversial scientific theory called the multiverse theory. Multiverse theory assumes that there are an infinite number of worlds along different paths in time that arise from each passing moment, suggesting that different things happen in each universe. Sir Isaac Newton’s conclusion is that absolute space, in its own nature, without regard to anything peripheral, always remains similar and fixed, which has been the standard perspective on time being linear, and has been unvaried for centuries. However, the collection over the last hundred years of theoretical studies and research with quantum theory may modify this perspective.

Scientific Experiments:

In Australia 2015, physicists from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, led by Martin Ringbauer, used photons to emulate time travel using standard optical equipment on a laboratory bench by generating a pair of single photons, using a laser beam that passes through a non-linear beam. crystal. The idea is that the "younger" particle remains in normal spacetime, while the "older" one disappears in a simulated wormhole.

Professor Ron Mallet

Another idea of ​​time travel, advanced by the American physicist Professor Ron Mallet, is to use a rotating cylinder of light to warp space-time. In theory, anything that falls into the rotating cylinder could be dragged through space and time, similar to how a bubble slides over the top of the coffee after stirring it with a spoon. By observing subatomic particles, it was found that particles tend to have a short life span. Also, if these elements exist longer than expected when placed within the circulating light and continued beyond the expected time period, it is possible that they have passed through a time cycle into the future.

Bath Time Machine

Some time in the 1980s, a writer called Terry La Riche Walters, was invited to a small terraced house in Bath, Somerset, UK. He describes meeting the inventor, Gordon Pringelli. Gordon was in his 80's. He created a device originally as a healing machine, however the device had additional capabilities of being used as a time travel device. In one session, the participants sat around in a circle. Moments later they all confirmed they travelled back to ancient Rome, not physically, as La Riche Walters highlighted it was virtual, but you could actually feel objects Lionel Fanthorpe, author and broadcaster, described the device as a vast computerised set of kit'. He explains that he met the inventor, a retired jeweller who was knowledgeable about computers. ‘I believe a group of men, who were friends of the inventor, claimed that they experienced some form of time travel’. I would describe their experience as some form of astral travel…

The Vatican Time Seer Device..

Father Pellegrino Ernetti and Father Fran├žois Brune created the device just after the Second World War. The project also had assistance from twelve of the world’s most leading scientists. A disclosed report: described the chronovisor of being a cabinet with a screen, however; another version defines that a circular CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) was placed on the top of a column structure to establish a revered aesthetic. A cabinet containing the controls would have been positioned within close proximity of the device. The controls included a series of levers and buttons, when calibrated the operator tuned into a specific timeline and location. When the target was located, the internal “aerial” was able to receive and decode the electromagnetic radiation, and sound waves. These being the layers of chronological residue embedded within a specific location.

Russian Time Travel Experiments:

Dr Vadim Chernobnov (1966-2017

One of the pioneers of time travel experiments in Russia was Dr Vadim Chernobnov who initiated experiments in 1986-7, built a device called “Prospective Space Transportation System (PSTS) to avoid ridicule.” Dr Chernobnov began constructing a prototype device, an orb shaped object slightly smaller than a football that was layered with electromagnetic “skins.” The internal structure consisted of a mesh of wires and several small clocks; the output wire was connected to an electrical transformer Dr Chernobov indicated that the Prospective Space Transportation System could control time rates. In 1989 Chernobnov conducted an experiment. On the 30th of August 1989, an enormous explosion occurred at the laboratory. This explosion destroyed 2.5 square kilometres of the surrounding area, killing three of the scientists who were inside the module. The scientists may have traversed into another dimension and may have collided with an unknown element, causing them to become trapped within another dimension as a result. Moreover, they could have entered a portal in space and collided with a meteorite.

Threads of Time

This book covers a range of strange cases on time slips, possible time travel theories and previous experiments..examples include.. In the mid 1970s, radio amateur picked up a live coded message from a German U boat in WW2. An engineer who was driving back home from Seville, Spain.. came off the next exit in error, found himself driving along an unusual looking place with 20 storey buildings and strange looking cars .Close to the village of Rougham, Suffolk, UK, a Georgian mansion house unexpectedly appears and disappears. This case of sightings has been ongoing for 150 years. In 1984, Ken Webster received dozens of messages that appeared on his BBC Microcomputer monitor, written in ‘Middle English’. A person named Lukas Wainman believed to be from the 1500’s sent these strange messages.

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