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Boy interrupted

Dale Hibbert
Pub: November 2015.

ISBN-13: 978-1904590309.

Pomona Press

Boy interupted

"I have felt alone all my life." Dale Hibbert’s story reads like a song by The Smiths, which might not be a coincidence.His mother died when he was eight days old. He was a latch-key kid. He has married four times and has eight children. He has ‘died’ twice. He is a depressive. He has been penniless. But he has also been a musician, producer, sound engineer, a millionaire and the owner of night clubs, caf├ęs and successful businesses. He has lived in a car, and a mansion.

Hibbert was a member of The Smiths during their early days and privy to the dreams and outlandish ideas of young Morrissey and Marr. As the bass player and engineer at their first recording sessions, he helped shape their sound. With Morrissey’s arms around his waist, they rode the streets of Manchester.

Hibbert gives a compelling insight into the rain-swept, working class life that fuelled the creativity of The Smiths. He was also a witness to the Manchester music scene of the late-1970s and early-1980s that spawned, among others, Joy Division, Buzzcocks and The Fall.

"Morrissey’s Autobiography received many positive reviews, including praise from myself in The Irish Times, but I believe this work is better written and probably more insightful. By the end, I was left thinking, “If Johnny Marr’s long-awaited memoir is anywhere near as self-analytic, emotionally honest, observant or elegantly written as this, then it surely will be universally acclaimed as the music book of the year.”

Johnny Rogan

Irish Times..

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Prehistory Around the North West

Hidden Prehistory around the North West: 

Available as an E-book from Amazon. price £2.25 

The book shows locations of sites dating from the Neolithic period 4000-5000 BC up to the Iron Age 800-600BC. The locations of these sites are on a 40 mile radius around Manchester, UK. These sites were investigated but then left. The origins of the structures evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue unlike other monuments you have to decipher their function.
Some were settlements, transient hunting camps and places of ritual. The author has given a condensed description on the Prehistoric cultures of this region and the environmental overview and effects of transition. This book is recommended for archaeologists , historians, and  students who require knowledge of themes regarding Prehistory and also walkers.  The e-book can be used as a convenient guide book on your Kindle or any reading device. available now
Help for Heroes


When a young trooper is shot in the head at the Regiment’s renowned Killing House, Nick Stone is perfectly qualified to investigate the mysterious circumstances more deeply. He has just returned from Moscow – still trying to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend and baby son are safer there without him – so combines an unrivalled understanding of the Special Forces landscape with a detachment that should allow him to remain in cover.
But less than forty-eight hours later, a second death catapults him back into the firing line – into the telescopic sights of an unknown assassin bent on protecting a secret that could strike at the heart of the establishment that Stone has, in his maverick fashion, spent most of his life fighting to protect.
And now the clock is ticking, Stone hurtles from the solitude of a remote Welsh confessional to Glencoe – whose shadows still whisper of murder and betrayal – and on to Southern Spain, in an increasingly desperate quest to uncover the truth about a chain of events that began in the darkness of an Afghan hillside, and left a young man haunted by the never-ending screams of a friend the Taliban skinned alive.

Nick Stone’s most heart-stopping adventure yet will force the reader to recognise the thinness of the line that separates sacrifice from suicide, to share the nightmares that walk hand in hand with heroism – and to count the real cost of actions taken in the name of loyalty.

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Marianne Faithfull: As Years Go By.

Marianne Faithfull : As Years Go By
Marianne Faithfull was the perfect icon of the Swinging Sixties; her life as colourful as the decade itself.  A quiet but beautiful convent girl, she became internationally famous through her relationship with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

As Years Go By  is a richly detailed portrait of a woman who has lived an incredible life, one that far transcends her best known role as courtesan to the chief Rolling Stone.From aristocratic lineage to convent school, stardom to attempted suicide, junkie to punk, folk singer to torch chanteuse, Marianne has seen her life flash by in banner headlines.Researched through over 50 interviews with her family, former lovers and friends, As Years Go By reveals the truth behind the headlines, the person behind the profile.Updated and extensively revised by one of the UK’s most acclaimed writers, it is a candid, illuminating account of an endearing yet misunderstood artist.
Mark Hodkinson is an acclaimed journalist, author and broadcaster. He has written for The Times for many years, three as a columnist, and made several radio documentaries for BBC Radio 4. He owns the independent publishing house, Pomona Books.
Publication Date  13th May 2013
ISBN 978.1.78038.837.3
Order No. OP55044
Size 280pp, 234x156mm
Images colour photos
Cover softcover
Price £14.95

Further details see 


Loisaida -- A New York Story Paperback.

The core of this gritty, only in New York-story was inspired by real events - a beautiful, aspiring dancer slain. The psychotic room-mate has confessed, but a dilettante actor-turned-journalist thinks there's more to it and investigates. Soon one of his sources mentions he might have better luck gaining trust if he'd shoot dope. 

Welcome to New York's East Village, aka Loisaida, circa 1988. Meet your neighbors - artists, dreamers, hustlers, devil worshipers, anarchists, junkies and yuppies - all competing for breathing space in a city without air. It's the era of greed, when the poor are objects of scorn not sympathy, and the gentrifiers view themselves as urban pioneers. This is a story about sex and drugs and real estate. This is a story about a murder... 

Word Count: 101k Genre: Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Neo-noir Literary Thriller

also by  Marion Stein

Gateway of the Saviours.


Gollancz Publishing


AJ Dalton (Adam Dalton) has been an English language teacher as far afield as Egypt, the Czech R, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland and Manchester Metropolitan University.

He published his first Fantasy trilogy, consisting of Necromancer’s Gambit (2008), Necromancer’s Betrayal (2009) and Necromancer’s Fall (2010), to great acclaim. His first book from Gollancz, Empire of the Saviours, is out now in paperback. the sequel, Gateway of the Saviours, is available now!. from most outlets.

gateway of the saviours


Jillan leaves the town of Godsend and his friends in order to fulfill an oath made to the God of Mayhem. Pursued by assassins and spies of the Empire, he goes on a quest  to discover a power that might be used to raise the old gods and throw off the cruel Empire of the Saviours.
Meanwhile, the full fury of the Empire descends on Godsend. Many of Jillan’s friends are killed. His beloved Hella is captured and incarcerated in the Great Temple of the Saviours, so that she can be used to blackmail him.You can of course buy Gateway of the Saviours from all good bookshops (and probably a few bad ones) or from Amazon


By Paul Mccusker.
Paul's latest book is here! The CS Lewis estate has invited him to annotate "The Screwtape Letters," the first of Lewis' books to have such annotations written. The notes are not theological or interpretive (who would dare!), but explanations of literary references and WW2 English-isms, along with directions to other Lewis' writings on subjects raised in the book. It provides insights for those who know "Screwtape" well, and for those reading it for the first time. This beautiful hardback gift book is available on Amazon.

Another recommended book  by Paul Mccusker. 

Season of the Shadows. Set in WWII London.Love, deception, betrayal, decisions, duty, and the truth. How did things get so complicated? The night before had been so ordinary . . . as Julie Harris played the charming socialite at another of her husband's high-society Washington parties. But that morning . . . Julie awoke to find herself a widow, forced to deal with the scandal surrounding Stewart Harris's death---and with the shocking, unsuspected secrets of his life. Now her search for the truth about her late husband has brought Julie to wartime London. Posing as an aide at the U.S. embassy, she sets out to fulfil her mission: infiltrate a radical Fascist group---a group with mysterious ties to her husband's past.
available from Amazon

The Richard

Matthewman Stories
Ian McMillan & Martyn Wiley
Published 16 March 2009
ISBN 978-1-904590-21-7 and 1-904590-21-7

For a Yorkshireman who has spent half a lifetime in his native pit village, moving south is a mixed blessing and it is where Richard Matthewman's memories begin as he looks back with affection, humour, and no small measure of exasperation at 42 summers - and bitter winters.

From boyhood through adolescence to marriage and a family, his stories are filled with a rich gallery of characters - the relations, friends and village notables of a vital community filled with life and incident but as brittle and unmistakably northern as the coal seams on which it was built.originally broadcasted on Radio 4. the Richard Matthewman stories have achieved cult status.Written by the ' John Peel' of poetry Ian McMillan and his pal the late Martin Wiley, They focus on episodes in the life of Richard Matthewman,schoolboy,student,teacher and reluctant plant pot cleaner. Humorous and poignant,the stories are crammed with characters and everyday tales of life in a northern town.Ian has written a new instalment exclusively for the book, bringing Matthewman's journey up to the present day.( Available from Pomona Books)

'It's impossible not to like McMillan. If they made him Poet Laureate on Friday, a lot more people would be reading poetry by Monday.

Sue Arnold, The Guardian.
' He is one of my all-time heroes.He is so talented I could kill him'
Mike Harding.
'The Shirley Bassey of performance poetry'
The Times
'Relentlessly Jolly'

My Word Hardcover – 14 Jun 2007 by Terry Christian

 Message left on Channel 4 complaints line: 'Your presenter is a heap of shit. You've got a raving fxxxg poofter on there -- this is not entertainment. I'd love to talk to that txxt. He wants whacking. Ring me back tomorrow and I'll discuss it with you.' The Word, and Terry Christian in particular, tended to divide its audience. Its late-night mix of cutting-edge music and irreverent, what can best be described as 'student' humour won the hearts of millions while bringing an equal number out in hives. There's no question though that the programme helped shape TV for years to follow. My Word is Terry Christian's take on life behind the scenes at Channel 4 in the nineties. He takes no prisoners in this hugely entertaining account of the journey from a working-class childhood in Manchester to the heart of London's television world. The picture that emerges is not of some leery Manc geezer chancing his arm on national television, but of a slightly leery Manc geezer who has a more sensitive side, is a grammar school boy, is a twice Sony-award winning radio presenter, who is soaked in music, and who has had to battle for all his working life against the prejudices of those who control broadcasting in the UK.

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Villages Of Vision by Gillian Darley

Gillian Darley’s book, subtitled A Study Of Strange Utopias, looks at planned villages and  model villages in Britain and Ireland. That is, places like Saltaire, New Lanark, Bournville and Port Sunlight where factory owners designed and built attractive villages for their work force to live in. Elsewhere there were other reasons why villages were planned: the Duke Of Devonshire moved the village of Edensor so that it did not spoil his view from Chatsworth House ! Gillian Darley’s book contains a gazetteer of over 400 villages so that the reader can discover these places themselves. 

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Don’t Sweat The Aubergine by Nicholas Clee
( Short Books 2005; ISBN 1-904977-1)

This is arguably the only cookery book that you will ever need. Free of glossy, unrealistic photographs or irrelevant philosophising, the book concentrates on telling the reader how to cook both basic dishes and more adventurous ones. Each of the chapters tells you what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, why you do it. This helps the inexperienced or the nervous cook to feel confident and calm in the kitchen. Clee manages to dispel myths about gravy; stock and many other cookery skills. He covers both British and foreign cuisine, saving you waste money on extra cookery books. Helpfully the author starts the book with chapters on equipment and ingredients and concludes with a short bibliography, generously mentioning Nigel(Slater), Nigella (Lawson) and Delia (Smith). I have given several copies of this book to friends and relatives; all have appreciated it.    

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The Last Mad Surge of Youth

The Last Mad Surge of Youth
Mark Hodkinson
Pub: 6 July 2009
ISBN 978-1904590200

Mark Hodkinson - The Last Mad Surge of YouthSet in both the present day and the early 1980s, when Maggie Thatcher ruled the world (or thought she did) and new wave kids were dreaming up insurrection, The Last Mad Surge of Youth is a novel about bands, growing up, moving away and getting famous, suicide, staying at home and getting bored, fanzines, the bomb, love, alcoholism, egotism and self-doubt.The narrative begins with the D-I-Y ethos of punk, steering through major label hype, to tired aftermath. While the protagonist, John Barrett, holds centre stage, his boyhood pal, Dave Carey, who opted out of the band for fear of playing live, is left at home, to brood. The pair meet up years later in controversial circumstances and ponder how now became then, and what they do next.

Diary of a Hyperdreamer
Bill Nelson

First Published: October 4th 2004, Re-published 26 May 2014

ISBN 1-904590-06-3

Bill Nelson is one of the most respected creative forces in the UK. He came to prominence in the 1970s with his art-rock guitar band Be Bop Deluxe and later Red Noise. He still releases a prolific amount of new music on various labels throughout the world.

Diary of a Hyperdreamer is his day-by-day diary in which he reflects on life, art, and the nation. His unique perspective is fed by a lifetime's work creating and producing music, photography, painting and video - pop, rock, film scores, television and ad themes, pop videos, as well as soundscape and performance/video art.

Written from his home in a hamlet in North Yorkshire where he lives with his Japanese wife, Emi, it includes reflections on his various and diverse creative projects, mixed with philosophical and political musings. It also includes homespun details of an ordinary domestic life where he looks back at his time as a pop star, the best places to get a haircut in York and, of course, mortality.: Extract from Diary of a Hyperdreamer. 

available form Pomona Books

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         Black Roses is a poetic sequence written in the voice of Sophie Lancaster.

Black Roses - Simon ArmitageTwenty-year-old Sophie was attacked in a Lancashire park in 2007 and died several days later. The ferocity of the assault caused distress and outrage when reported by the international media and led to the creation of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity opposed to all forms of hatecrime and victimisation.
The radio broadcast of Black Roses won the BBC Radio Best Speech Programme of 2011 and was 
short-listed for the Ted Hughes Award for Poetry.
One-third of all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.