"Energy Crisis Europe"

"Energy Crisis Europe"

John Pettigrew.In August, the ELN reported that Adam Bell, former head of energy strategy at BEIS, said he believed there was a one in ten chance that "some home customers" could see power outages "for a short number of hours" for up to five hours, days this winter. Previous reports claimed officials were looking into a "reasonable worst-case scenario" that could arise if energy imports from Norway and France were reduced, and the nation needed to save energy. A government spokesperson told ELN: “The UK has a secure and diverse energy system.
If this occurs, there is a list of books that give tips on energy advice, which predictably will be available online or leaflets distributed in public offices and libraries..However there may tips on how to create your own energy..I have included a list of books, this is not conclusive, as I will update this page if I find any more information.

Build your own free energy generator
by J.G. Homesworth ...

"Build Your Own Free Energy Generator" is an instruction manual for building an alternative energy device that does not require any type of fuel.

"Build Your Own Free Energy Generator" is an instruction manual for building an alternative energy device that does not require any type of fuel. Anyone with basic carpentry or manual repair skills should be able to build their own generator. It works only after switching on and for as long as necessary. The generator can be used for any purpose for which a gasoline generator is used. It should be emphasized at this point, that this material is intended to provide you with information and information only. If you decide, based on what you read here, to build one device or another, you do so solely and exclusively at your own risk and responsibility. For example, if you build something in a heavy box and then drop it on tiptoe, then it is entirely your responsibility (you need to learn to be more careful) and no one but you is responsible for your injury or any loss of income caused while the big toe is healing. Allow me to elaborate on this by stating that I do not warrant that any device or system described in this document will function as described, or in any other way, nor do I argue that the following information is useful in any way or that any device described is useful in any way or to any purpose. Also, I would like to point out that I am not encouraging you to build any of the devices described here and the fact that very detailed construction details are provided should not be construed as my encouragement to physically build any of the devices described here. You can consider it a work of fiction if you choose to do so.

Available from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1006787

Build Your Own Solar Powered Generator, Kindle Edition
by Rick Green (Author), Sue Merriam (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Step-by-Step Instructions for Solar Power at a Fraction of the Cost. Learn to build a solar-powered generator. When the power goes out, you need to be prepared. A solar-powered generator is a great way to have electricity during an emergency, but buying one can be expensive. Fortunately, you can build your own solar-powered generator for a fraction of the cost, often less than $300. This handy, step-by-step guide will show you how.


DIY Free home energy solutions: How to design and build your own domestic free energy solution Paperback – 25 May 2019 by Phoenix Xavier
This is a guide to the design, installation and maintenance of any home energy system which can consist of any or all photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, solar hot water, solar piping and geothermal heating systems.

It is written in plain and simple English with the aim of providing the reader with all the knowledge necessary to undertake any aspect of the design, installation or maintenance of any home energy system. This book also covers the pros and cons of each of the elements of the system, along with relevant legislation, what grants are available, and even how they can affect an existing or potential new mortgage if the property benefits from one of these additions. . Therefore, the reader should be able to master all aspects of the design, construction and management of the systems listed above. It is not a guide for idiots, but a useful and practical guide for everyone. In addition, the book also covers specific UK information on each of the topics and also how the legislation varies in different parts of the UK. It also covers the law applicable to all areas of the UK. International standards are also covered because these standards are equally valid for anyone around the world, making this book universally relevant. This book contains diagrams and photographs to help the reader understand the various points. Initial setup, lifecycle cost and useful tools are also included along with everything you need to know to keep the lights on. 

Producing Your Own Power, Hardcover – 17 Mar. 1977
by Carol Hupping Stoner (Editor)

Investigates the underlying principles and potential of new approaches to small-scale power production involving wind, water, organic wastes, wood, and solar energy....Amazon

Solar & 12 Volt Power for beginners: off grid power for everyone Paperback – 14 Aug. 2017
by George Eccleston (Author)

  This book was written specifically for beginners and for those who have had a hard time understanding how solar power and 12 volt power work in the past.
Overly complicated technical terms have been replaced where possible with simple terms, allowing you to understand the basics of solar power and 12 volt energy much faster than you normally could. Allowing you to learn in one day what would normally take most people weeks or months to learn.
This is your first step on your ladder to success with solar and 12 volt power.
Get it now!  link

Interesting YouTube videos

 How to Make a DIY Hydro Generator

This one..

 How to Build a Steam Operated Generator..


4,090,105 views Premiered Jun 8, 2022
Today we are going to teach you how to convert a gasoline engine to run on water, that is, an engine with water as fuel. The hydrogen engine that runs on water is a chimera that has been said to be impossible for decades, but we have access to confidential and secret information, and we have discovered the compound HH+, which, if used as an electrolyte, can produce a large amount of hydrogen . This will be enough to run any motor

00:00 Introduction
00:18 Preparing the pieces to cut them
00:30 Cutting the 304L stainless steel parts
00:53 Drilling the pieces (One 6mm and one 11mm hole in each piece)
01:18 Preparation of the Hydrolysis tank
01:45 Cutting the M6 ​​threaded rods
02:00 Assembly of the Hydrolysis reactor
04:28 Preparation of the Hydrogen safety container
05:38 Manufacture of the support for the Hydrolysis equipment
06:15 Electrical connections
06:54 We remove the fuel tank and set up our Hydrolysis equipment
07:49 Preparation of the air filter
08:03 Filling the HH+ secret water and electrolyte reservoirs
08:41 Test inside the workshop
09:31 Carburetor adjustment



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