When a young trooper is shot in the head at the Regiment’s renowned Killing House, Nick Stone is perfectly qualified to investigate the mysterious circumstances more deeply. He has just returned from Moscow – still trying to come to terms with the fact that his girlfriend and baby son are safer there without him – so combines an unrivalled understanding of the Special Forces landscape with a detachment that should allow him to remain in cover.
But less than forty-eight hours later, a second death catapults him back into the firing line – into the telescopic sights of an unknown assassin bent on protecting a secret that could strike at the heart of the establishment that Stone has, in his maverick fashion, spent most of his life fighting to protect.
And now the clock is ticking, Stone hurtles from the solitude of a remote Welsh confessional to Glencoe – whose shadows still whisper of murder and betrayal – and on to Southern Spain, in an increasingly desperate quest to uncover the truth about a chain of events that began in the darkness of an Afghan hillside, and left a young man haunted by the never-ending screams of a friend the Taliban skinned alive.

Nick Stone’s most heart-stopping adventure yet will force the reader to recognise the thinness of the line that separates sacrifice from suicide, to share the nightmares that walk hand in hand with heroism – and to count the real cost of actions taken in the name of loyalty.

Books by Marion Stein:

Loisaida -- A New York Story Paperback.

he core of this gritty, only in New York-story was inspired by real events - a beautiful, aspiring dancer slain. The psychotic roommate has confessed, but a dilettante actor-turned-journalist thinks there's more to it and investigates. Soon one of his sources mentions he might have better luck gaining trust if he'd shoot dope. Welcome to New York's East Village, aka Loisaida, circa 1988. Meet your neighbors - artists, dreamers, hustlers, devil worshipers, anarchists, junkies and yuppies - all competing for breathing space in a city without air. It's the era of greed, when the poor are objects of scorn not sympathy, and the gentrifiers view themselves as urban pioneers. This is a story about sex and drugs and real estate. This is a story about a murder...


Word Count: 101k Genre: Literary Fiction, General Fiction, Neo-noir Literary Thriller

also by Marion Stein:

The Death Trip [Kindle Edition]

 Publication Date: November 18, 2009
The Simulated Life Elapsed Process aka The Death Trip is touted as a pharmaceutical alternative to end of life pain and suffering -- a dream state that makes the user's last minutes feel like years spent living the perfect existence. But is this one-way ride really the paradise promised by Panacium Inc?The Death Trip "comfort care for the dying" or something more nefarious? Some say there's even a link to the newest party drug. 
After the death of his beloved grandmother, Chuck decides to investigate and soon finds himself torn between two women -- the activist who suspects a dark agenda and the beautiful MD who helped create the process

The Death Trip, is a quick-read novella, around 20k words or approximately 80 book-sized pages.

Schrodinger's Telephone [Kindle Edition]

Lizzie and Jeff have the perfect life - starting out together in a cozy New York City apartment, a baby on the way. Then a random act of violence changes everything, and Lizzie is left bereft and alone. 

Despite the support of friends and family, Lizzie can't move on, and she can't let go of the memory of her final phone call with her husband - a conversation that took place an hour after his reported death. Is it madness to believe in mysteries beyond our understanding? Or is belief what keeps us sane? Warning: Do not begin Schrodinger's Telephone unless you can afford to stay up all night to finish it. 

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