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For  some time, you have an idea to write a book. Your outline has been nested in the back of your mind for ages; it could be fiction, or non-fiction. Then one day you are motivated by article that runs a profile of successful self-published authors. You decide at this point begin writing your notes or if non-fiction compile articles related to your interest. You may love to write for recognition and wish to share your work to the rest of the world or financial gain. Do I submit my work to an agent? In brief, this can be a painful process. Unless you are already published (and stating the obvious, in that case why do you want an agent?) and/or a so-called celebrity, most agents are not going to be greatly interested in your submission. They receive thousands of unsolicited MS each year. If you are determined to go down this road, create your opening chapter to grab their attention, you may have a unique story that is a potential commodity.

Authors go down  the vanity press route only as a last resort. Under the vanity umbrella dwelled the small presses and self-publishing, costly ventures where mass distribution, marketing and PR were nominal or non-existent while the average author sold far less than 100 books-total. However, you can choose the Amazon KDP, which also has the option for converting your book into a Kindle and recently print on demand paperbacks. The advantages of using Amazon KD programme are
Some of the more obvious benefits to publishing your book free online are

• Flexible royalty control and less out of pocket
• You receive an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) with most online self-publishing companies.
• Have your book printed or aggregated only when a customer makes a purchase.
• You receive technical support from other authors who are succeeding using the same tools offered to you.

Content Awareness

 Regarding fiction, most writers tend to follow trends that inspire them, but realise there are others who have a similar ideas for their manuscript .How can I make my book stand out? would be the first line of enquiry. As for the obvious example, JK Rowling’s success with the Harry Potter series spawned a number of similar stories of wizardry. One author self-published a similar novel using  a young girl as the main protégé  as similar to Harry Potter, and the E.L  James:  50 Shades of Grey or Gray pending which side of the Atlantic you are on, also generated similar ideas. The Twilight Saga also generated similar themed works especially in the YA market, even though I have used these three examples that were popular in the previous decade, other examples of derivatives may be found on popular cult TV series on Netflix, or other similar channels.If you want to make your book stand out, one strategy would be to research the similar books to your manuscript, by analysing the book intro, and if other titles that may be similar to yours are highlighted on book review sites for example Goodreads, Book Riot, Kirkus, compile salient points from the reviews as this could provide an indicator, if you need to review elements and rework parts of  your story so be it, as you may have another perspective of making it unique. 
This is the biggest part next to the production of the content of the book, is the marketing of the book. After the book is processed, the following step would be to get your book to everyone who is a potential prospect interested in what you have to say. Finding your target audience is putting yourself right in front of your potential buyers. This is where the author sees the money rolling in. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with paying to get your book promoted. Nevertheless, there are various resources available at the author's disposal that would aid with the marketing of the book.

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Basic Tips

 • A brilliant cover which attracts attention
 • A title/subtitle which appeals to emotions
 • A description which in four lines makes the reader want to click   
 • Keywords/tags which people actually search for.
 • The right price - You can find more details about this at this web article How to Price Your Book for Maximum Results During a Promotion - Written Word Media

It will be bonus if you have a blog or website as you will be able to promote your
book(s).There are techniques in using the HTML code on your website to optimise traffic I would suggest visiting this site Your Book

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