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This page covers the memoirs and experiences by former servicemen, highlighting their their life path of a variety of adventures, and theatres of conflict. In which us mere mortals would only experience on a wide screen TV , Netflix, or at the local multiplex.....

  Boy with One Shoe: John-Henry-Meller

  Yet no one was enlisted to become aircrew: all were volunteers. So, at a time when Britain stood resolute in its fight against tyranny and oppression, young men from across the globe did just that. At just 18 years old, John Henry Meller was one such man. The ordeals and sacrifices endured by John and his generation were crucial to the success of the Allied nations.

In the words of Winston Churchill, Great Britain's wartime leader:

Hitler knows that he will have to break us on this island or lose the war. 

If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands...... Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and the Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour. “As few remain to bear witness to that time, John - together with daughter Caroline Brownbill - shares what it was like to crew a Lancaster over Europe, during the darkest days of the War. To learn more about the authors, please visit: have chosen to document his vivid recollections of wartime life.

The Boy With Only One Shoe: Amazon

Robin Horsfall: Fighting Scared.

Robin Horsfall shot and killed one of the leading terrorists inside the Iranian
Embassy when the SAS stormed the building. 

He served with the SAS during the
Falklands War and on subsequent counter-terrorist operations. He tells his personal odyssey from boy-soldier to paratrooper with insight and wisdom. His enemies were not just terrorists: he fought the institutionalized brutality of the Parachute Regiment -- and his own inner demons. He learned the difference between physical and moral courage; between officers who expect you to be ready to die for them, and those who actually want you to get killed, so they can win a medal. It's an action-packed narrative, but much more than another RAMBO-style romp. Robin reveals some painful truths, not least the ordinary SAS men's view of General de la Billiere and his orders for a kamikaze mission to Argentina. This is the best, no-holds barred, personal account of an SAS trooper ever published.

Fighting Scared, available on Amazon

Cry Havoc: Simon Mann

  On 7th March 2004, former SAS soldier and mercenary Simon Mann prepared to take off from Harare International Airport with an aeroplane full of heavy weaponry and guns for hire. Their destination: the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea. Their mission: to remove one of the most brutal dictators in Africa in a privately organised coup d’├ętat. The plot had the tacit approval of Western intelligence agencies and, according to Mann, the backing of a European government. Simon Mann had personally planned, overseen, and won two wars in Angola and Sierra Leone. Everything should have gone right. Why, then, did it go so wrong? When Simon was released from five years' incarceration in two of Africa's toughest prisons, he made worldwide headlines. Since then, he has spoken to nobody about his experiences. Now, he is telling everything, including: * His belief that the CIA deliberately compromised the coup to court favour with Equatorial Guinea's President Obiang, in return for access to the country's vast oil resources. * How the British government approached Simon in the months preceding the Iraq war, asking him to suggest ways in which a justified invasion of Iraq could be engineered. * The real story behind the involvement of Mark Thatcher in the coup plot * Simon will also tell of his pain when he had to tell his wife, Amanda, who gave birth to their fourth child while he was incarcerated, that he believed he would never be freed. This is Simon's remarkable first-hand account of his life: an account that will read like a thriller as it takes us into the world of mercenaries and spooks: of murky international politics, big oil, and big bucks; of action, danger, love, despair, and betrayal.

Cry Havoc , available on Amazon

My Dear Mother ... Love, Keith: The war letters of Keith Lysons
1940-1946 Kindle Edition

Between December 1940 and April 1946 Keith Lysons wrote dozens of letters to his mother while he was serving as an officer in the Indian Army. Luckily, these letters have survived and have been published for others to read.


The war letters of Keith Lysons
1940-1946 Kindle Edition, on Amazon

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