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Recommended Reading for 25-year-Olds

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad.Summary

In life, money is not the solution, becoming educated is the only solution if you
want to get out of the problem of poverty and money related issues. Money is a tool that will help you in that nothing else. And another thing is if you will get more money without the right education, believe me, it's one of the worst things which can ever happen to you. So if you want to learn financial education, which you don't have any other option to then let's make this simple with this amazing book.

2) Law of Human Nature. Summary

The part which we need to master to become great is to understand certain laws of life. It is the same as in our school life we had certain laws and rules which if
followed, we get rewarded, and if we deny the consequences would be severe like
punishing or cleaning the class. The same is with life if we follow the rules, we will get rewarded with money, fame, and satisfaction and if not then poverty, bad relationships, etc. So here is a great book to understand the laws of life written by Robert Greene a person who takes you deeper and shows you the root problems

3) Go-Giver. Summary

If I ask you about your dreams and goals in life, you guys will very say that my
goal is to start a billion-dollar company to buy a big car, etc. But if I ask you a
second question have you ever thought of giving something in return for this so many people will go blank. And that's sorry to say that in real life also these people will go blank because they think life is all about getting things, but in reality, it is about giving things and when you give things with your full heart without any expectations it returns back to you with a double value.

4) One up on Wall Street. Summary

Investing is one of the riskiest fields where people have lost thousands of dollars or sterling. 
From early on in my family all my members are very negative towards investing and most people who follow me on Instagram also hardly likeit.So this book is an attempt by the author (Peter Lynch) to generate interestfor those people who are negative towards investing or think it's risking.The book is quite simple, but still, some difficult words are there. The author talks about his failure in taking good stock of small companies by thinking that it's not worth buying, but then he regretted a lot, which leads us to think that how in our lives also we reject people by seeing his/her status.

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Study Guides Business and Finance

How They Started: How 30 good ideas became great businesses 

David Lester :Editor
Lots of us have ideas we think would make great businesses. Most of us never do anything with those ideas. But for those that do, a world of opportunity awaits them. This book is about 30 people who acted on their idea, made the first steps to start their business and subsequently went on to turn it into a global brand. From Innocent to Cobra to Dreams to Dyson, we reveal how some of the UK's biggest businesses got of the ground, and those very first steps taken by their founders.

As an example from the book gives an introduction on how James Dyson began his unique and highly successful household appliance company.

'I ripped the bag off the vacuum cleaner and rigged up a rudimentary cardboard cyclone with cereal packets and masking tape. This prototype

and I saw the potential of this creation.'

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