Hidden Prehistory Around the North West

Hidden Prehistory around the North West: 

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The book shows locations of sites dating from the Neolithic period 4000-5000 BC up to the Iron Age 800-600BC. The locations of these sites are on a 40 mile radius around Manchester, UK. These sites were investigated but then left. The origins of the structures evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue unlike other monuments you have to decipher their function.
Some were settlements, transient hunting camps and places of ritual. The author has given a condensed description on the Prehistoric cultures of this region and the environmental overview and effects of transition. This book is recommended for archaeologists , historians, and  students who require knowledge of themes regarding Prehistory and also walkers.  The e-book can be used as a convenient guide book on your Kindle or any reading device. available now www.amazon.co.uk

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