The Secret Service and the Occult

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The intelligence services and the occult have been, according to some sources, strange bedfellows'. The possible theory behind this strange alliance could be some form of arcane psychological or cultural profiling.The link between the intelligence service and the occult can be traced to the time of Elizabeth 1st (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) as she built a spy network of ‘watchers’ one of them was Jon Dee (13 July 1527 – 1609) who had an extensive knowledge of mathematics, astrology, and numerology. In 1555, Jon Dee was charged for treason , under the rule of Queen Mary for occult activities . Dee was caught casting a horoscope, which at that time was punishable by death. When Elizabeth 1st succeeded to the throne in 1558, Dee became her astrological and scientific advisor, and calculated a favourable astrological date. for her coronation. From the 1550s to the 1570s, he served as an advisor to England's voyages of discovery, providing technical aid in navigation and the ideological conviction to create a "British Empire". Dee implemented a coded stamp used on all of his correspondence to Elizabeth 1st that was 007. The 00 meant ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and the 7 was the lorgnette (type of reading glasses with a handle at one side). In numerology, the seven represents intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, and the esoteric. Dee diverted towards the supernatural as a means to acquire knowledge.
In 1580; he composed a secret language known as the Enochian alphabet, as a way of communicating with angels, or a contemporary aspect ,found that he may have discovered a portal to other dimensional entities. Another example of the occult and intelligence service is according to source's, Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond.His first book, Casino Royale, was launched in 1952 and in total penned 12 more Bond novels.A numerological connection, (The number 12 the symbolism of this number is suffering and anxiety of mind, also indicated as "the Sacrifice" or "the Victim" and generally foreshadows one being sacrificed for the plans or intrigues of others.)
In 1939, Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy, recruited Ian Fleming, who was originally a journalist, for the role of personal assistant.Fleming eventually transferred to the Naval Intelligence Division.
Ian Fleming also had a strong interest in astrology, divination and numerology. One of his pivotal influences was Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who developed a theoretical bridge between occultism and psychology. While a student in Austria, Fleming once translated a lecture by Carl Jung about Paracelsus (1494-1541),who was a Swiss German physician, chemist, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and general occultist.
 Fleming was also involved with some curious projects during WWII, for example in 1941 Operation Mistletoe, designated as top secret and part of the occult warfare division. According to sources, a  ritual in Ashdown Forest , East Sussex, involved 40 Canadian soldiers who rigged up some electrical device that  may have been a transmitter? A few other soldiers dressed in ad hoc magical robes, and used a burning dummy in Nazi uniform . Ian Fleming, Aleister Crowley, and Winston Churchill were in attendance. Primarily a propaganda exercise, however some claim that some of the rituals were intense and used ‘spells’ as in a psychic attack. Aleister Crowley, was an infamous character who had a large occult following during the turn of the 20th century. With his varied connections and knowledge of the occult, Crowley was later employed by the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) in the 1930’s to spy on German occultists with political links to the emerging National Socialist (‘Nazi’) Party and Marxists revolutionaries.
 Other sources claim that Crowley also advised Winston Churchill on using the V sign to deflect the psychic influence of the swastika. The V sign represents Aphosis or Typhon the slayer of Osiris, who according to ancient Egyptian myths was the ruler of the underworld.  Winston Churchill also had occult connections; in 1908, he was ordained as a druid. Another plot was to encourage Rudolph Hess , the Deputy Leader of the Nazi Party, to fly to Britain to negotiate a peace deal, He was hoodwinked into believing that a Scottish blue-blood, the Duke of Hamilton, was willing to negotiate peace on behalf of some members of the aristocracy. Hess had met the Duke of Hamilton at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Fleming was part of the team that compiled an astrological chart giving favourable dates and times for the Deputy F├╝hrer who was reputed to have an interest in the occult.They implemented the ploy  by sending coded messages to Hess, fake astrological forecast showing the heavens would look kindly on a May 10 flight. The 'reading' for that day, six planets would be aligned in the zodiac sign of Taurus and conjoined to the full moon. Hess flew out on May 10th, thinking he would be greeted by the Duke of Hamilton and the Duke of Kent, and then whisked to London for a private audience with King George VI. Instead, a Home Guard unit in a field near the town of Eaglesham, Scotland, captured him.
As deep-seated occult connections surfaced into the Bond novels, Philip Gardner’s book outlines the hidden symbolism, the arch villain Sir Hugo Drax, in Moonraker Drax is a derivative of Draco or Dragon. Le Chiffre (cipher or code) Casino Royale, Vesper Lind (Birth of Night), in Casino Royale she is the personal assistant to the Head of section S M16. Tiffany Case (Manifestation- fallen from God) Diamonds are Forever an alchemical link, Ernst Stavros Blofeld (Earnest strong).
A book by Philip Gardner titled The Bond Code: The Dark World of Ian Fleming and James Bond was published in 2008, is the remarkable tale of how Ian Fleming and his associations with the world of the occult, further details Secret Service and the Occult

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