Death Investor:
Publisher: Ian Lomond (May 1, 2020)
Publication Date: May 1, 2020
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English


Death Investor is the first murder mystery based in Sydney by Ian Lomond in the Kidman and Reid series, and available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple Book,   Amazon,  and other retailers. 
Rebecca is younger and still building her confidence as a detective. Her partner is Kidman, who is instinctive and experienced.  Their partnership is an easy one, and with their team, they follow the clues.  The reader is treated to a tour of Sydney as they traverse the streets, pubs, and restaurants.  
As people associated with Peter begin being assaulted, and worse, the pressure mounts to find the killer.   It’s not helped when a young constable goes missing from their team.
A likely suspect is Mayweather, the owner of a rough pub who has a history of assault and worse–though not always proven.  Reid discovers evidence linking the brute to the victim, and Kidman has an instinctive feeling for the motive. 
Property developer Tripodi has ambitions to make a fortune–did Maher uncover a secret Tripodi would kill to hide?  However, the detectives uncover a personal side to Maher that was dark, secretive and unstable, adding more confusion than clarity to who the killer was.
At the heart of the story is the technology Peter Maher invented before his murder.  He developed software that can track a person’s location using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection points. This is done without the need for consent of the user. On top of this, the spending history adds a complete picture of a person–so complete that it can reveal the personal secrets, locations and purchases a person makes.  

Locations featured include Kings Cross, Chatswood, Pyrmont and Drummoyne.  The author's favourite Sydney pub with a view, The Glenmore Hotel, and another that serves the coldest beers in Sydney’s China Town, Charlie Chans, both feature in key chapters.  Likewise, Sydney’s best Indian and Pakistani food can be found at Faheems, the location of a pivotal scene in the Death Investor. 
(In another real-world connection and an ironic twist of fate, several governments are being accused of not received informed consent before insisting their citizen install similar mobile apps to aid in case tracking during the COVD19 pandemic. The murder of Maher demonstrated how the power of digital surveillance can lead people to drastic actions, when they are not informed or understand the purpose and use of that personal information.) 

The Gangs of Manchester Kindle Edition
by Andrew Davies
Publisher: Milo Books; UK ed. edition (7 May 2009)
ISBN-10: 1903854857
ISBN-13: 978-1903854853

They emerged from the harrowing slums of one of the world's great cities, 
malnourished youths clad in bizarre fashions. The scuttlers were the hooligans of their day and for thirty years they held the streets of Manchester and Salford in a grip of fear. The Gangs of Manchester traces the history of the scuttlers from the Rochdale Road War of 1870-1, through the antics of such infamous fighters as the Bellis brothers of Salford and John Hillier, the King of the Scuttlers, until the demise of the gangs at the turn of the century.
Gangs were formed throughout the slums of central Manchester, in the townships of Bradford, Gorton and Openshaw to the east and in Salford, to the west of the city. Gang conflicts erupted in Manchester in the early 1870s and went on sporadically for 30 years, declining in frequency and severity by the late 1890s.

Gangs of London Paperback
by Brian McDonald 
Publisher: MILO BOOKS (11 Nov. 2010)
ISBN-10: 1903854911
ISBN-13: 978-1903854914

Decades before the Krays, London was plagued by gang warfare as vicious and terrifying as anything that was to come. Territorial tribes fought pitched battles for honour and pride. As the Bethnal Green Boys hunted Hackney's Broadway Boys,Clerkenwell fought Somers Town, the Red Hands haunted Deptford and the Silver Hatchets terrorised Islington. The first ever history of these intriguing street mobs is a riveting journey through the violent underbelly of one of the world's great cities.  

Elephant Boys: Tales of London and Los Angeles Underworlds by Brian McDonald,  

Their roots lay with the Elephant Gang, a band of highwaymen who once haunted the Elephant and Castle coaching inn south of the Thames and whose reputation descended through generations of cut throats. In the dying years of Queen Victoria's reign, their women forged a name of their own under their first prominent leader, the beautiful artists' model Mary Carr, known as Queen Thief.

Albanian Mafia Wars: The Rise of Europe's Deadliest Narcos Kindle Edition
by John Lucas  (Author) 
Publisher: Aberfeldy London (9 Jan. 2020)
Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

War in the Balkans during the late 1990s brought a small but determined Albanian underworld to London. Some muscled in on vice, while others stood their ground against Turkish and British crime groups as they staked their claims in the heroin trade. A few were simply psychopathic killers with a Tony Montana complex who inflicted pain and misery on those around them.

Picking up where hit TV show like Narcos and Besa leave off, this book goes beyond the headlines to chronicle the expansion of one of the world’s most mysterious mafias, from its origins in war-torn Eastern Europe, to its rivalry with New York’s Five Families, and to the chaos unleashed on the streets of Britain by narco gangs with access to cocaine pipelines from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. 
Featuring a cast of real-life characters including international drugs barons, psychotic hit men, vengeful warlords and blinged-up street gangsters, the saga takes in everything from the anarchy of Albania’s civil war, to the squalor of sex trafficking in Soho, and the bloody street wars behind the rise of Britain's new kings of cocaine. 
This book brings the story bang up to date, revealing how organised crime syndicates have infiltrated every level of the Albanian state while their godfathers escape justice, paving the way for huge profits to be made in the rest of the world. It also features gritty reportage from the front line of Britain’s drug wars, detailing how Albanian drug gangs operate in the capital and beyond while maintaining close links with crime lords back home.
This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys Netflix shows such as Narcos and wants to understand the emerging threat to Britain from the world’s newest global mafia.


John Lucas is a journalist who has written for some of Britain's best-selling national newspapers, including The Sun, The Daily Mirror, the Mail on Sunday and The Times.

He has covered many of the nation's most important crime stories in recent years, including the London Bridge and Westminster terror attacks, the Hatton Garden raid, the murder of gangster John 'Goldfinger' Palmer and the Salisbury poisonings. 

John's first book, Britain's Forgotten Serial Killer, led to a review of the decision to move notorious inmate Patrick Mackay to an open prison after the matter was raised in Parliament. 

Lockdown: the crime thriller that predicted a world in quarantine Paperback – 30 April 2020
by Peter May  (Author)
Publisher: riverrun 
ISBN-10: 1529411696

ISBN-13: 978-1529411690

They said that twenty-five percent of the population would catch the flu. Between seventy and eighty percent of them would die. He had been directly exposed to it, and the odds weren't good.'

London, the epicentre of a global pandemic, is a city in lockdown. Violence and civil disorder simmer. Martial law has been imposed. No-one is safe from the deadly virus that has already claimed thousands of victims. Health and emergency services are overwhelmed.

At a building site for a temporary hospital, construction workers find a bag containing the rendered bones of a murdered child. A remorseless killer has been unleashed on the city; his mission is to take all measures necessary to prevent the bones from being identified.

D.I. Jack MacNeil, counting down the hours on his final day with the Met, is sent to investigate. His career is in ruins, his marriage over and his own family touched by the virus. Sinister forces are tracking his every move, prepared to kill again to conceal the truth. Which will stop him first - the virus or the killers?
Written over fifteen years ago, this prescient, suspenseful thriller is set against a backdrop of a capital city in quarantine, and explores human experience in the grip of a killer virus.

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