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Monday, 29 October 2012

The Last Mad Surge of Youth

The Last Mad Surge of Youth
Mark Hodkinson
Pub: 6 July 2009
ISBN 978-1904590200

www.commuterbooks.comSet in both the present day and the early 1980s, when Maggie Thatcher ruled the world (or thought she did) and new wave kids were dreaming up insurrection, The Last Mad Surge of Youth is a novel about bands, growing up, moving away and getting famous, suicide, staying at home and getting bored, fanzines, the bomb, love, alcoholism, egotism and self-doubt.The narrative begins with the D-I-Y ethos of punk, steering through major label hype, to tired aftermath. While the protagonist, John Barrett, holds centre stage, his boyhood pal, Dave Carey, who opted out of the band for fear of playing live, is left at home, to brood. The pair meet up years later in controversial circumstances and ponder how now became then, and what they do next.

Diary of a Hyperdreamer
Bill Nelson
First Published: October 4th 2004, Re-published 26 May 2014

ISBN 1-904590-06-3

Bill Nelson is one of the most respected creative forces in the UK. He came to prominence in the 1970s with his art-rock guitar band Be Bop Deluxe and later Red Noise. He still releases a prolific amount of new music on various labels throughout the world.

Diary of a Hyperdreamer is his day-by-day diary in which he reflects on life, art, and the nation. His unique perspective is fed by a lifetime's work creating and producing music, photography, painting and video - pop, rock, film scores, television and ad themes, pop videos, as well as soundscape and performance/video art.

Written from his home in a hamlet in North Yorkshire where he lives with his Japanese wife, Emi, it includes reflections on his various and diverse creative projects, mixed with philosophical and political musings. It also includes homespun details of an ordinary domestic life where he looks back at his time as a pop star, the best places to get a haircut in York and, of course, mortality.: Extract from Diary of a Hyperdreamer. 

available form Pomona Books

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